“The Aesthetic Experience of Augmented Reality Art” presented by Qu


Session Title:

  • Interdisciplinar Platforms for Coexistence

Presentation Title:

  • The Aesthetic Experience of Augmented Reality Art




  • Keywords: Aesthetic Experiences, Interaction, Event, Digital Art, AR, VR, Augmented Space

    In the digital age, we create new technological forms and media artworks that define new relationships between the environment and us. Artists and actors are increasingly using their own mobile computing devices and AR to create artworks. When we experience an artwork in an “Augmented Space”, we can consider it as an interactive event. As a result, we can treat interaction, immersion and realization as three components of the events within augmented space. In this paper, by using the dynamic event concept and through analyses of famous mobile AR artworks, we reach three major conclusions of aesthetic experiences in AR artworks: the event of real time interaction is the aesthetic manner; the immanent event of the fuzzy boundary immersion is the aesthetic distance; and the immanent event of augmented realization is the aesthetic purpose.

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