“Desertesejo” presented by Prado


Session Title:

  • Body II

Presentation Title:

  • Desertesejo



  • Desertesejo is an artistic networked virtual environment web-based, that allows 50 participants simultaneously on-line. There are poetic spaces where the navigator works with different points of views and potential pathways. Each user has a different point of view, and image associations that are triggered by the users choice of possible paths. The paths integrate visual, sound and textual elements, effectively creating a synesthetic experience of an imaginary and shared space. The fragments of images, intangible deserts, are divided into three main paths: gold, viridis and feathers. These fragments can be encountered from different points of view and depending on the chosen path, they intersect and transform in a non-predictable manner.

    The project poetically explores geographical extension, temporal clashes, solitude, constant re-invention, and proliferations of meeting points and hybrid becomings.