“Design @ University of California, Davis” presented by Drew, Maiorana and Young


Presentation Title:

  • Design @ University of California, Davis




  • The UC Davis Design Department is the most comprehensive Design department in the University of California system, offering B.A. and M.F.A. in Design. The Department offers a creative, challenging, and flexible approach to the study of design with emphasis on socially responsible, human-centered, and sustainable practices. The department is investing in curricular expansion and preparing to provide new tools and methodologies to educate critical makers with life-long learning skills in order to contribute meaningfully to an interconnected local and global society. With an outlook to deeply and broadly integrate emerging theory and practices in design, the department seeks opportunities to dialogue, exchange and network with similar programs at the conference. In particular, we are seeking directions to expand the following areas: kinematics, code-based design, network and data-based design, industrial design, interactive media, physical computing, systems design and wearable technology.