“Eastern Cultural Heritage, Digital Remediation and Global Perspectives” presented by Bolewski


Session Title:

  • Media Art, Landscape and Heritage

Presentation Title:

  • Eastern Cultural Heritage, Digital Remediation and Global Perspectives




  • Keywords: Eastern Cultural Heritage, Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting, Video Painting, Digital Visualization Practice, Eastern Philosophy, Remediation, Remix, Cross-cultural Art.

    The paper describes findings from a practice-based research project exploring cross-cultural influences between the West and the East by recreating the concept of Shan-Shui-Hua – the traditional Eastern landscape painting within the new genre of “Video-Painting” as wall-mounted flat screen video installation. It uses concepts of Art Appropriation, Remediation and Remix to re-investigate relationships of man and nature in Eastern traditional landscape art and philosophy and transposes the content to con-temporary global environmental issues and digital visualization technology. Using the “other” or the “unfamiliar” allows a fresh access and new interpretation of well known territory. As such cultural heritage is seen as an opportunity to explore new artistic boundaries and styles of representation within set commodities of contemporary (digital) image creation. Translating and adapting subtle aesthetics, rich metaphor and philosophy of Eastern traditions creates a powerful, subversive tool to address pressing ecological issues differently and allows alternative ways of seeing and thinking thereby detecting Western preoccupations.

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