“Bag-Bug: Adaptive Horizontal Transfer” presented by Ribeiro


Session Title:

  • Bio-creation & Data

Presentation Title:

  • Bag-Bug: Adaptive Horizontal Transfer




  • Keywords: Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT), Bioart, Biocreation and Heritage, Metagenomics, Helio Oiticica, B50 Bólide Saco 2 Olfático.

    Integrating biological data and phenomenon in the creative process, and proposing a transversal reflection considering the sub- themes for ISEA 2017, “Bag-Bug: Adaptive Horizontal Transfer” is an invitation to reflect on the intersections between biocreation and heritage from a cross-scale perspective. Beyond media, does bioart have the capacity to preserve heritage? The ongoing project is a tribute to the Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica’s work “B50 Bo´lide Saco 2 ‘Olfa´tico’ (1967; plastic, and coffee)”, consisting of a series of apparatus designed as ‘performatic-lab-experiments’ exploring genetic information horizontal transfers due to the eventual molecular scale superficial ontaminations / transferences. Customized sleeping bags made of plastic, coffee beans and electronics (sensors, microcontroller and displays) – and the whole body of someone from the audience gets involved in a cross-scale conversation that can potentially consists in a “Horizontal Gene Transfer Session (HGTS)”!

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