“Evoking Empathy Through Immersive Experiences in A Walk Alone” presented by Al-Zubeidi, DeLaney and Seo


Session Title:

  • Mixed Media and Heritage Digitizing

Presentation Title:

  • Evoking Empathy Through Immersive Experiences in A Walk Alone




  • Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old woman who went missing and got tragically murdered during her walk home, sparked an international conversation about women’s safety in early 2021. It is one thing to discuss such a tragic and unfortunately common occurrence, yet it is even more harrowing to experience it for yourself. A Walk Alone is a virtual reality experience that simulates what it feels like for women to walk alone at night. The experience is centered around a linear story involving the user in first person point-of-view navigating a night-city environment with eerie sound design, immersive visuals, and dim street lighting.