“The Last Play: A transmedia installation” presented by Polydorou


Session Title:

  • Mixed Media and Heritage Digitizing

Presentation Title:

  • The Last Play: A transmedia installation




  • This paper focuses on the methodology undertaken and the lessons learned, to create the location-based Virtual Reality (VR) story-telling experience. The last play was initially staged in Limassol as a student exhibition show in May 2021 and then again in September 2021 at the Animatikkon festival in Pafos. The installation is for two people and takes place in two different sections, one physical and one virtual, and it can be experienced in either order. The experience aims to immerse and engage the users by utilizing mechanisms borrowed by immersive theatre and game-design such as spatial storytelling, agency, engaging multiple senses and telling the story through multiple mediums. The integration of these various practices seems to be an important element that complements the immersive qualities of the VR experience. Furthermore, the spatial storytelling methodology, the transmedia approach, and the integration of the various physical objects into the experience seem to positively con-tribute to the storytelling aspect of location-based VR installations.