“Exquisite, Apart: Remoteness And/As Resistance” presented by Walker, Tiatia, Antonczak, Eimke and Watkins


Session Title:

  • Exquisite, Apart: Remoteness and/as Resistance

Presentation Title:

  • Exquisite, Apart: Remoteness And/As Resistance




  • Keywords: distance, remoteness, resistance, pacific, digital art, mobility, academic sites.

    It has become routine to characterise digital art as indicative of an assumed universal shift from ‘traditional’ practices towards novel forms of cultural production, interaction and consumption. Frequently, running parallel to this is the assertion that space, time and distance have been compressed, subsumed, augmented, eliminated or are unable to resist being replaced by relations, experiences or symbolic values. This collective paper is based on a panel presentation at ISEA2013. It discussed five different research approaches that address theoretical, practical, philosophical and artistic possibilities of engaging with the realities of distance, remoteness or ‘exquisite apartness’ as locii of resistance.

    Full text (PDF) p. 53-56

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