“Extemporal: an Ecomedia Platform for Critical Making” presented by Bianca


Session Title:

  • Art, Interactivity and Participation

Presentation Title:

  • Extemporal: an Ecomedia Platform for Critical Making




  • This doctoral work in progress centres around facilitating intergenerational Critical Making programs and designing a participatory platform for engaging in DIY citizenship and connecting environmental concerns. Through hybrid online and in-person workshops, meetups, and community art projects, the research investigates the prospects and problems of participation in exchanging ideas, skills, and upcycling. This presentation reviews independent maker spaces, eco-art, citizen-science and grassroots participatory platforms where alternate modes of media-making are possible. The culmination of the doctoral work is a participatory project for senior citizens, youth, artists, activists, and citizen scientists to contribute art, data (mostly on water quality), documentation of restoration efforts, and local stories in rural Colorado, U.S. The media submitted to the platform will be used in public large-scale interactive projection experiences. This will be the first arts-driven project with the citizen science platform CitSci.org.