“Ferment Radio: Cultivating conversations with microbes and humans” presented by Pokrywka


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  • Ferment Radio: Cultivating conversations with microbes and humans




  • Ferment Radio podcast features conversations on living interconnectivities: from visible to invisible, and from societal to cellular. Together with people of the most diverse backgrounds, we see things through a microbial eye to give legacy to unheard voices and peripheral perspectives.

    From https://www.supereclectic.team/pokrywka:
    Fermentation is a metabolic process in which microorganisms convert a carbohydrate, such as starch or sugar, into alcohol or acid. Since time immemorial, fermentation has been used to preserve and enhance the taste of food in cultures all around the world.
    Social Fermentation is a gentle and long-lasting transformation process inspired by microorganisms. Whether in science, gastronomy, or art, fermentation creates the right conditions for constant and continuous change.

    Ferment Radio is a series of online Podcasts covering conversations with artists, chefs, activists, scientists and other practitioners of Social Fermentation. Each episode focuses on our macro and micro interdependencies, on restorative practices through fermentation, and other strategies. Ferment Radio is a platform to exchange ideas and perspectives. It provides tools and inspiration to develop social and bacterial fermentation.
    Ferment Radio is hosted by Aga Pokrywka, a multidisciplinary artist and scientist, and is brought to you by Super Eclectic, a multimedia production team for the world we want.