“BrainRain” presented by Tallér and Keresztessy


Presentation Title:

  • BrainRain




  • BrainRain is a community-based digital art project – or a walking, exploratory adventure game. Participants in the program, members of the public involved in the game, perform a series of creative exercises. As a result of the exercises, a group of 15-20 participants will work together, using their collective imagination, to create an artwork, a narrative, that has not been precisely outlined beforehand. At the end of the game, the story is told orally by the participants, recorded in writing and then presented together, using a medium of their choice. They make the artwork real, bringing the previously non-existent narrative into the context of the game.

    The digital tools and group dynamics that support the game’s progress create a symbiosis of the participants’ imagination. The resulting collective imagination creates and makes real a previously non-existent narrative. The program breaks down walls between participants who initially did not know each other, as well as barriers to creative activity. Based on the collective creative imagination, it demystifies and promotes an artistic, creative approach, thinking and acting.