“Get Lucky: Cognitive Aspects of Generative Art” presented by Grba


Session Title:

  • Generative Art — Divergent Generative Art Practices

Presentation Title:

  • Get Lucky: Cognitive Aspects of Generative Art




  • This section addresses the creative, cultural and cognitive aspects of symbolic and procedural thinking in contemporary generative art. Generative art is perceived broadly, as a heterogeneous realm of artistic approaches based upon combining the predefined elements with different factors of unpredictability in conceptualizing, producing and presenting the artwork, thus formalizing the uncontrollability of the creative process, underlining and aestheticizing the contextual nature of art.

    The introduction provides an overview of generativeness as one of the key factors of art making, and outlines the characteristics of generative art such as the planned inclusion of chance and indeterminacy, the cognitive tension between the banality of pre-planned
    systems and their surprising outcomes, the idea of the complex artwork realized in the form of research or study, and the idea of the art as a ludic, proto-, or pseudo-scientific experiment.

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