“Emerging Narrative Forms and Bit Sensations” presented by Todorovic


Session Title:

  • Generative Art — Divergent Generative Art Practices

Presentation Title:

  • Emerging Narrative Forms and Bit Sensations




  • This section discusses the types of emerging narratives that appear in creative generative practices. This study illustrates various unique artistic methods from the world of digital art, computer games, film and interactive media that lead to new narrative divergences. These methods and poetics are analyzed in relationship to a computer bit, whose nature largely influences our creative expressions.

    A bit becomes a unit or a term to metaphorically address and encompass the reduced and abstract form that is often present in generative practices. Our growing sensation and constant interaction with bits that are taking various forms lead to more and more reduced forms, structures, and minimalistic creative expressions. The generative aesthetics with their cold, synthetic and non-figurative forms enable new spaces for creation of unique sensual experiences that lead to narrative transformations.

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