Session Title:

  • Imagineering, Webcams, Correlation between Space

Presentation Title:

  • Imagineering



  • The bio-electrical activity of the brain (EEG) is being used to control a cursor on a computer screen to finally communicate via an interface with the outside world. this high-tech sophisticated brain-computer-interface (BCI) has to be fed with imagination, the archaic domain of the artist. information is the common denominator of ‘imagineering’ to create a truly coherent “art-science” that’s what culture begins with. ‘Imagineering’ has been built to melt imagination and engineering, art and technology, personality and society, culture and politics. the audience is being asked to take part in the installation to proof its own power of imagination, whereas five handicapped artists communicated via the internet to create in contradiction to their own bodies a perfect virtual body by the means of communication only.

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