“In pursuit of the Schizomachine: for a(n) (in)possible listening” presented by Borges


Session Title:

  • Possible Listenings and Recordings

Presentation Title:

  • In pursuit of the Schizomachine: for a(n) (in)possible listening




  • The Schizomachine is an ongoing work-research that consists in the development of a wearable neuro-biofeedback system for aesthetic-affective experiences. As all research is also a creative process, this work, thought to be introduced in an artistic context, crosses other fields beyond Art and Product Design, such as Computing, Biology and Engineering. In search of the realization of the ideas that emerged throughout the process, listening and sound (Schaeffer, 1966; Schafer, 1969; Cage, 1973; Pelling & Gimzewski, 2002) came out as important concepts, which have guided the research so far. This article addresses the intuitive path that has been traced from the very first idea to the very first prototype, with the aim of reaching other possible listenings