In Search for the DomoNovus: Speculations on the “New Home”


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  • In Search for the DomoNovus: Speculations on the “New Home”




  • Abstract (Poster)

    DomoNovus is a concept devised by the author, which attempts to explore the speculative futures of the domestic environment, and to conceptualize and define possibilities and limitations of the “New Home” that consists not only of routines, experiences, physical objects, and biological bodies, but also of a range of technological systems, digital networks, virtual environments, and local or remote cyberspaces in micro, meso, and mega scales; an accumulation of cells, things, memories, links, molecules. Thus, in this work a range of theoretical and practical explorations are presented that intend to investigate the domestic space as an ecological system that uses technological facilitation to extend methods and practices that tame and domesticate ubiquitous computing, while same time proposes ways in rethinking dwelling and achieving conditions for symbiotic mutualism.

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