Instable Landscapes: Visual Autobiographies in Real-Time Performances


Presentation Title:

  • Instable Landscapes: Visual Autobiographies in Real-Time Performances




  • Research synthesizes the explorations and processes developed from the research—artistic creation and its link with design through a common theme: the phenomenon of audio-visual creation in real time and its connection with the body. This theme will be approached through visual autobiographies and the intimacy with objects as carriers of memories, sensations, and atmospheres that not only constitute or form part of an epoch, but also configure individual forms of inhabiting the world. At the same time, it looks to think or include the landscape from the same perspective, within these explorations, as an affective space and as part of contemporary thought towards the reevaluation of subjectivity, where the inquiry into emotion contributes to rethinking relationships between subject and world. In this way, the findings throughout this research have permitted thinking about research-creation as a meaningful phenomenon not only from the academic point of view but also in the creative processes of contemporary art. From this perspective, the relationships between body, landscape, technology, and self-referentiality, will be approached through a methodology that moves between the limits of art and design, in other words, putting these two aspects in tension, but at the same time taking advantage of the possibilities inherent in each discipline. Experience will be a determining factor precisely because it deepens on the autobiographic terrain, however it is necessary to create categories over which a text will be formed as well as a work of art that moves between objectivity and speculation.