“MAIF Award for Sculpture: The Digital, Tool or Artistic Revolution?” presented by Charbau, Perotto, Roche and Chatonsky


Presentation Title:

  • MAIF Award for Sculpture: The Digital, Tool or Artistic Revolution?




  • Digital technologies have settled in a great number of artistic practices, from the easel painting from the screen, to the 3D universes only accessible by virtual reality prostheses. Is this a promise of renewal for contemporary creation? The history of art, like that of science, was partly built at the rhythm of technical and technological evolutions. The mastery of firing for ceramics, cast iron, or crystal, of perspective for representation, or of 3D printing has offered artists new ways to fix their imagination in a tangible way. But have these evolutions made art progress, as we could claim so in the fields of health or science?

    Three contemporary artists, winners of the MAIF Prize for Sculpture, are invited to discuss the place of these new technologies in their daily practice.