“Media Art Using Korean Traditional Cultural Archetype” presented by Lim and Yoon


Session Title:

  • Negotiating Media Cultures

Presentation Title:

  • Media Art Using Korean Traditional Cultural Archetype




  • In Korea, Korea Culture and Content Agency’s “Cultural Archetype Digital Content Project” was initiated in 2002. The aim of this project is to provide digital contents based on Korea’s unique cultural archetypal data. In other words, as producing the digital content using diversity cultural archetype such as the Korean history, tradition, folk, scenery, etc. and they provide it in the creation material which is necessary for culture content industry. In business result, negative evaluation is compatible with affirmative evaluation. But it is an important and a thing worth discussion, the cultural archetype is changed in culture content and showed for the mass of people.

    As an example, a special exhibition held at The National Folk Museum in November, 2007. In this exhibition, some media art work which the subject is sound of Korea displayed with historic relics. All the media art works of this exhibition utilized existing relics as a cultural archetype, and that were interpreted it newly without getting rid of the meaning that cultural archetype had. That’s meant new media and digital technology make a cultural archetype look and sound newly.

    I will explain such example to three categories which are the representation of Korea traditional painting using visual media, the representation of the folk using interactive technology and the representation of the traditional dance using 3D display. Thus I will discuss at a point of view of culture content that how can the cultural archetype become media art, and synergy effect when cultural archetype was utilized in a media art.

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