Joonsung Yoon

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  • ISEA2016

    Joonsung Yoon, Scholar in 1000 Talent Program of Tianjin at Tianjin Normal University, China, and Professor at Global School of Media, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea. Dr. Yoon is doing interdisciplinary researches on the convergence of art and science in terms of media aesthetics, media art and media design.


    1. Joonsung Yoon, Global school of Media, South Korea

    2. Joonsung Yoon, is Professor at Soongsil University, College of IT, the Global School of Media, SK


    Joonsung Yoon is professor of Soongsil University at the Global School of Media. He studied life science, chemistry and fine arts before working with digital media in 1996. His research field is theory and practice of media art applying critical theory and cultural theory, and inducing organic relationships between information sciences and contemporary arts.  (B.S.1989: Sogang University, M.F.A.1993: Hongik University, M.A.1996; Ph.D.2001: New York University)


    Dr. Joonsung Yoon is professor at Soongsil University, College of IT, the Global School of Media.

Last Known Location:

  • Seoul, Korea

Previous Location(s):

  • Tianjin, CN


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