“Media Art in the Ibero-American Context” presented by Mateo and Belmar


Presentation Title:

  • Media Art in the Ibero-American Context




  • Keywords: Media Art, Media Art Histories, Video Art, Electrographic Art, Ibero-American, MIDE.

    Any historiographic effort on Media Art shows the complexity of its own conceptualization regarding those artistic practices that it involves, since there is not unanimity between experts and researchers about this topic as it is shown in the media art history meetings. Neither a consensual taxonomy in these artistic practices. However, one of the most relevant is the taxonomy completed by Professor José Ramón Alcalá, MIDE´s director and a ground-breaking in the subject of electrographic art in Spain. Taking his taxonomy as a reference, we can resolve that Video art and Electrographic Art, both started in the 60’s but developed in the 70’s and 80’s, were some of the artistic practices that brought the first ideas of Media Art in Spain and Latin America. Regarding to Video art, some of the pioneer artists and researchers were Eugeni Bonet, Joaquín Dols, Antoni Mercader and Antoni Muntadas, as can be seen in the historic book En torno al video. With respect to Electrographic Art, some of the pioneers were Paulo Bruscky, Clemente Padín, Humberto Jardón and José Ramón Alcalá with the International Museum of Electrographic Artworks (MIDE) in Cuenca, the most important example adding the collection of this unique museum.

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