“Motivation in Design Strategies for Behavior Change” presented by Mejía, Velásquez and Villegas


Session Title:

  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

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  • Motivation in Design Strategies for Behavior Change




  • Keywords: Motivation, Design for Behavior Change, Behavioral Economics, Persuasion.

    Motivation is a key factor that determine behavior change. In this paper, the researchers study how people is motivated when interacting with two strategies that aim to change grocery shopping behaviors. The strategies are similar but with differences in mindfulness and nudging elements. Researchers collected qualitative data with observations and interviews from 12 user participants. Motivation categories of Fogg’s behavioral model were used in the data analysis. Findings show that the strategies can trigger pleasure, pain, fear and social acceptance. People that used the reflective strategy with mindful processes were able to better express their motivations.

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