G. Mauricio Mejía

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  • ISEA2020

    G. Mauricio Mejía is a designer, scholar, and educator. He is an associate professor of design at Arizona State University, USA. His work focuses on design for transformation, change, transition, and futures. He explores emergent and strategic design practices such as visual sense-making, interaction design, service design, organizational design, and design futures. Dr. Mejía has published works in visual communication, interaction design, human-computer interaction, transdisciplinary collaboration, and design for change and transformation. He has 15 years of teaching experience in design programs in Colombia and the USA. He received a PhD in Design from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and a Master of Design degree from the University of Cincinnati. Mauricio was co-director of ISEA2017.

    ISEA 2018 

    G. Mauricio Mejía, Caldas University, Bolivia.


    G. Mauricio Mejía PhD, is an associate professor at the Department of Design, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, at the University of Caldas, Colombia. He is currently the program director of the PhD in Design and Creation. He received his PhD in Design from the University of Minnesota and his Master’s degree in Design from the University of Cincinnati, USA. His research work focuses on interaction design, behavior change, and strategic design. Mauricio Mejía is ISEA2017 deputy director.

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