“One + one = three: the added value of dual degrees in higher education” presented by Czegledy and Czegledy


Session Title:

  • Electronic Art in Higher Education and Artistic Residencies

Presentation Title:

  • One + one = three: the added value of dual degrees in higher education




  • Can Arts & Science/Technology fruitfully co-exist in the minds and on institutional diplomas of contemporary scholarship? This paper considers how in the globall terrain of higher education, the historic tradition of largely mono-disciplinary degrees is being challenged by programmatic complexities that co-join seemingly disparate realms of knowledge and investigation through the introduction of dual degrees. Aided by the benefits of expanding communications technologies, such degrees seek to bridge academic divisions while still contending with very separate intellectual cultures. The discussion takes both an historical and exploratory perspective; ranging from the examination of instutional formations to experiential eamples provided by the authors, ultimately positing the central question of whether the expansion of dual degrees represents mere currucular innovation or some thing much more in line with a distinctly new approach to the structuring of intellectual foundation.