“Poetic Instinct: Aesthetic experience as a vital function” presented by Castro and Kosminsky


Session Title:

  • Critical Perspectives on the Use of Technology for Peace

Presentation Title:

  • Poetic Instinct: Aesthetic experience as a vital function




  • Keywords: Aesthetic Experience, Survival, Body, Breathing, Perception, Connectivity, Technology, Poetic Instinct

    This paper aims to discuss the concept of poetic instinct, considering the urgent need to reformulate the relationship between humans and nature considering technological ubiquity and its affective side effects. We start by analyzing the current process of disaffection and the impact of our intellectual, social and technical development on our abilities of perception. We approach Yuasa Yasuo’s body theory that develops a comprehension of the body based on four levels of consciousness. We get inspired by his theory to discuss the process of perception, analyzing how we can understand the aesthetic experience as a vital function. Finally, we present the performance “Avocado Tree, we’ll follow your act” and the installation “Preamar” to discuss two approaches of the poetic instinct in an artistic practice and discuss the role of technology on this proposed poetic reading of the survival instinct.

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