“Postlocative Art for a Non-Anthropocentric World” presented by Chinchilla


Session Title:

  • Generative, Locative and Environments

Presentation Title:

  • Postlocative Art for a Non-Anthropocentric World




  • The existence of a new hybrid spatial ontology (mate-rial/virtual, offline/online) has triggered some unique territorialization processes closely linked to the technopolitical and technoeconomic domain. These processes involve a new symbolic-cultural output that questions the validity of locative art’s theoretical framework, initially associated with situationist psychogeography and with the informational context associated with GPS metadata. By contrast, postlocative art deploys strategies that critically accept the important role that non-humans play in public representation as well as in delegating the production of meaning to AI, thus moving beyond the locative framework and closely associating itself with the postphenomenology of complex systems.