“Rebalancing media in environments: analysing flows of action” presented by Unknown presenters


Session Title:

  • Generative, Locative and Environments

Presentation Title:

  • Rebalancing media in environments: analysing flows of action




  • An exploration into how portable projections can serve to counterbalance the bias towards screen-based media experiences and how these projection devices can contribute to a more texture-based understanding of the relationships between environments and their constitutive actants. The constantly changing relationships between media and things enable the construction of a sense of place which moves and flows. To undertake this exploration, I use a three-fold method to analyse site-specific video walks (The Surface Inside, I-Walk, and (wh)ere land), draw on nascent thoughts derived from a series of workshops about flows, environments materials, and resonance, and engage with critical discussions about space, assemblages and materiality.