“Pyrocumulus: Ecology of “Pyrocene”” presented by Armet


Session Title:

  • Immersion(s) (artist talks)

Presentation Title:

  • Pyrocumulus: Ecology of “Pyrocene”

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Organizations




  • This talk proposes the presentation of a research-creation project, granted by the program ”Cultures Connectées” from the région Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Pyrocumulus presents an interactive device integrating collaborative augmented reality and sculptures made with photogrammetry and Machine Learning. Pyrocumulus was born from the reflection of an ecological disaster that occurred on July 30, 2020 in the for- est of Pignada in Anglet (France). Inspired by the trees’ communication, this project questions the inspirations that we borrow from the living. Pyrocumulus, deals about the creation of an information network after a fire.

    The art project is also a laboratory where arts and science are mixed to experiment scientific and artistic knowledge and techniques. By creating reconstructions of burned trees through 3D printing and by creating a collaborative augmented reality application, the project called upon tree specialists to understand the development of trees. It is by using the figure of the ‘pyrocumulus’ — cloud of fire — that we wish to draw what is the ”cloud”, the exchange of data, but also a worrying technological context that we name the ‘Pyrocene’: the Age of fire or ‘Human activity’. Creating from collaborative augmented reality is a direction that allows to put forward the relational stakes of the human and the non-human.