Reconstruction of Images: Real/Illusion

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Joonsung Yoon, Jaeyub Noh, and Eunha Park, Reconstruction of Images: Real/Illusion
  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Joonsung Yoon, Jaeyub Noh, and Eunha Park, Reconstruction of Images: Real/Illusion
  • Image 1: ARENA taking a photo using boom stand. © Jaeyub Noh; Image 2: The Depth of surface, the process of magnifying through the microscope. © Jaeyub Noh


Session Title:

  • Dreaming VR and Post-Screen

Presentation Title:

  • Reconstruction of Images: Real/Illusion




  • Camera is made on the restriction of cut out in a certain size. What is the framing on the things dispersed in the spread world in front of us, or the scenes made of things through the square frame of viewfinder? To see is a newly building action. To see or to watch is a self reflection as it is. When human is interfaced with environment surrounding his or her body, Human’s visual system is a medium to recognize the world. Furthermore, the visual system structures human’s experience and human’s memory is a structure made of accumulated his or her experience. Eventually, the perception of human is to identify the time and space by re-constructing the disconnected fragments into a series of the panorama. The square frame of camera is a frame of recognition as it is, and it can be regarded as format of thought because it is structured for watching through the cut out into a certain size.

    The space in my photo is made of a series of many frames. It is a method of restructuring an image of a stadium by cumulating the actions of cutting out a certain stadium into smaller cutting. The precess of structuring into an image of stadium through the recombination of the floor images which are fragmented meaninglessly is even close to “play”. When a piece of photo out of the many pieces of photographs is shown on the computer monitor, it is not recognized what the part of where in which stadium it is. The 1st and the 2nd photographs are connected. And the shape as a certain stadium is emerged when the tenth of photographs are connected. I restructure the recombination of images and the decoded of stadium through such play. The view of the photograph can be something crossing over the frames as if the photograph can be taken through a frame. Therefore, to make the viewer of the photo (artwork) recognize the inner side of frame for the photo taker (artist) unconsciously, that it the space of photo which I really think about Since a photo is the image within a square boundary, the frame of a photo, a photographer as well as people who see a photo limits their space within the frame. My work, however, breaks the barrier of a traditional frame and I maximize the space of my work to cross each photo’s frame. When I took a photo, a part of the stadium, I unconsciously thought of both real image in the frame and illusion out of the frame. I expect people who see my work also enjoy breaking the frame of a photo and maximize the space of a photo.

    Furthermore the space of my photo is not limited within the image combined with tens of photos. Now, when I see my work, I imagine both real image shown in my work and illusion not shown in my work. It is the space of my work, ARENA.