“Reimaging Coral Reefs: Remodelling Biological Data in the Design Process” presented by Bérigny, Reinhardt and Fay


Session Title:

  • Bio-creation & Data

Presentation Title:

  • Reimaging Coral Reefs: Remodelling Biological Data in the Design Process




  • Keywords: Coral Reefs, Code, Interaction Design, Drones, Tangible User Interface Design, Interactive Installation, Climate Change, Marine Biology, Transdisciplinary Collaboration

    Coral Reefs are filled with infinite and unique forms, variations of shape, and complex phenomena and processes. These forms and processes have inspired both scientists to document, archive and collate, and designers to reimagine these intricate ecosystems in their creative design work. In this paper, we explore how designers integrate scientific data from coral reefs, by examining two projects. Firstly, we discuss Reefs on the Edge, an interactive installation using scientific data from a marine biologist to visualize the effects of ocean warming on corals reef ecosystems. Secondly, we discuss Coral Colonies, an installation that adapts mathematical codes of coral geometries to create biomimetic coral prototypes. We conclude how design and science use visual data taken from biological processes to help raise awareness and promote biodiversity, sustainability and the survival of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR).

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