“Representing symbiosis: between artistic commitment and materiality” presented by Herbet, Laval-Jeantet, Cuvelier and Almirón


Session Title:

  • Bio Art – Bio Design (panels and round tables)

Presentation Title:

  • Representing symbiosis: between artistic commitment and materiality

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Imaginaries




  • From a collective discussion around the symbiotic thought of Lynn Margulis, the artists and researchers gathered in this roundtable discussion will exchange on their respective practices, all of which, in a singular way, intervene in the relationship between the environment, the living and the relationship to symbiosis. Whether it is a question of operating modes, artistic processes and sensitive manifestations (between images and moving forms) how do artists establish dialogues with the living? How do they observe it, how do they grasp it and for what purposes?

    Art Orienté Objet is an artistic duo created in 1991 in Paris, France, composed of Marion Laval-Jeantet and Benoît Mangin. Marion Laval-Jeantet is also Professor at the University Paris 1 and member of research lab (Institut ACTE). Last exhibitions : Zoosphères, Château du Domaine départemental de Chamarande (2023), Art Orienté Objet, L’air frais de la nuit est un soulagement (20 juin – 29 septembre 2023), Lourdes, France.