“ISEA2023 Education Forum” presented by Czegledy, Fragoso, Søndergaard, Ong and Lace


Session Title:

  • Education (panels and round tables)

Presentation Title:

  • ISEA2023 Education Forum

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Organizations




  • The aim of the ISEA2023 Education Forum is to explore and present dual degree programs promoting interdisciplinary synergies and conceivable symbiotic correlations between available programs in art & science & tech studies around the globe. Today the emerging generation from all cultural backgrounds opts for a preferred mode of activity and interaction that is frequently not in synchronization with traditional educational systems. What are the strategies and tactics to perform an appropriate transfer of shared knowledge towards the future? What are the existing opportunities to achieve an intercultural and intergenerational cooperation?

    Communication between art & science education delegates addressing symbiotic activities for the emerging generation remains essential. The Forum opens discussions on the impact of global and local paradigm shifts and blurred boundaries in this digital age, and how these exchanges may affect the transmission of knowledge across generations.

    An important dimension of dual degrees is their use of integrating ongoing studies between programs, between faculties, between universities and between countries even continents.