“Revealing Network Infrastructure at Geographic Scale Using Location Based Audio” presented by Brumley


Presentation Title:

  • Revealing Network Infrastructure at Geographic Scale Using Location Based Audio




  • Keywords: Geolocation, Augmented Reality, Infrastructures, Data Center, Sonic Environment, 3D Audio, Mobile Phone, Web Application

    Data centers are a necessary element of contemporary global network infrastructure, but are generally overlooked due to obscurity or more often indifference by the general public. This project aims to elevate the importance of data centers within urban landscapes by providing them with unique sound signatures. To achieve such a goal, a web based application has been developed that takes a user’s location and orientation and creates a synthesized three-dimensional audio space based on that user’s spatial relation to nearby data centers. This enables a user to passively listen to an audio representation of the combined virtual activity within a given region. Additionally, users can actively seek out individual data centers using their emanations as a navigation tool.

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