“Terminal: Existence, conservation, and dissemination of Computational Art” presented by Iniesta and Moro


Presentation Title:

  • Terminal: Existence, conservation, and dissemination of Computational Art




  • Terminal is an expansive architecture conceived and designed for the existence, conservation, and dissemination of Contemporary digital art and culture. Born at the intersection between art, science, technology, and research, it is formed by three pillars (practical, theoretical and experimental): TetraArt (a system specially designed for the conservation, preservation, archiving, dissemination, and art market of digital art objects); ODA (the theoretical system that defines and describes what is meant by an Auratic Digital Object); and RECC (the collaborative system of communication and creation of contemporary art and culture in first generation). It is currently formed by researchers, artists, or engineers belonging to different artistic and research institutions/contexts in Spain. We are also exploring and looking for new partnerships at the European/International level.