“CyberPRINT: Toward an Architecture of Being” presented by Gondeck-Becker and Bermudez


Session Title:

  • Artificial Consciousness and the Self

Presentation Title:

  • CyberPRINT: Toward an Architecture of Being



  • Typically, cyberspace is thought of as the ultimate disembodiment. Many expound on cyber-spatial opportunities related to freeing oneself of the body and materials. In these worlds, we become faceless and bodiless; orphaned from our tangible self. We are free to try on other selves and postures, experimenting and acting through other identities we are also anonymous, losing our uniqueness and possibly our accountability.


    CyberPRINT provides a theoretical framework for exploring and inhabiting cyberspace with an identity. This identity is inextricably tied to the individual inhabitants because it germinates from their physiological signals. Our physical bodies inhale, they exhale, they beat, they sweat, they shiver. These functions are uncontrollable and necessary. They are also unique to our own self. If we incorporate the fundamentals of physical being to establish virtual being, to give form and space to personal architectures and avatars, we create a personal signature, a cyberprint. The cyberprint also sustains beyond our dwelling, leaving an imprint of our physical place in time. The ancient roman poet, Ovid, stated ”In medicine, as in life, until the mind has been prepared to see something, it will pass unnoticed as invisible, as though it did not exist”. CyberPRINT attempts to bring this body architecture, the self atmosphere, to existence, making it visible and challenging our perceptions.


    The question is then how do we reinterpret the elements of architecture (rhythm, light, texture, etc.) into a virtual world modified by and for our physiological being. We can begin by developing a language; naming the physiological data and designing the corresponding values. If we take a look at our bodies, they are constantly talking. Yet, we have only invented a few languages to communicate and understand what they are saying. We have learned to read some of the conscious messages such as postures, gestures, and sounds. The many untold stories lie in the involuntary actions of the body. Developing a language for the subconscious messages will offer communication of the self on a new level.


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