“The Blog-The Memory Dump, The Disregarded Power of Undone Art” presented by Benayoun


Session Title:

  • Contemporary Cultural Heritage - e-discourse in Online Networked Communities: Structure, Timing, Tone, and Affect

Presentation Title:

  • The Blog-The Memory Dump, The Disregarded Power of Undone Art




  • The Dump.net project is born from the following assumption: as the universe is made of 96 percent of dark matter, the art we know and we see should be made of roughly the same amount of unfinished projects. During the span of two years I converted on a daily basis any thought, art related or not, into political, social, economic or artistic projects. This collection of uncompleted conceptual projects was immediately – on a daily basis – published on a blog: the-dump.net. At the same time the-dump was a way to save, protect, share and discard projects that could encumber the creative process in action. Describing what the work could or should be and at the same time providing justification of the original concept, the dump became the first blog converted as such into a doctoral thesis about artistic intentions. The thesis was defended at la Sorbonne in front of an international jury of examiners.

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