“The E-conference: Collapsing the Walls of the Arts Conference” presented by Packer


Session Title:

  • Contemporary Cultural Heritage - e-discourse in Online Networked Communities: Structure, Timing, Tone, and Affect

Presentation Title:

  • The E-conference: Collapsing the Walls of the Arts Conference




  • While online practices for learning and creative production have captured the attention of artists, arts educators and cultural organizations worldwide, techniques for highly collaborative and dynamic peer-to-peer forms remain an area of great potential for academic and artistic conferences. Randall Packer provides an analysis of The Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium he organized and co-chaired in the spring of 2015 in the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The event served as a forum for sharing emergent strategies that advance the network in a free and open dynamic space for creative dialogue and artistic exchange.
    The Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium was held online and onsite, uniting local and remote participants in presentation and dialogue via Web-conferencing. The symposium demonstrated how networked space could be used to stimulate creative dialogue and the open sharing of knowledge through an online global exchange. The symposium events combined performance, exhibition, online discussion, social media, chat, keynotes and panels to explore and debate the role of the network in our individual and collective practice as artists, scholars, and arts educators. The project was sparked from my ongoing exploration of live, trans-global communications as a catalyst for collective art and discourse.

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