“The Mutualism Relation within the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” presented by Osorio


Session Title:

  • Training Methods for Transdisciplinary Collaboration Panel

Presentation Title:

  • The Mutualism Relation within the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem




  • Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Innovation, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial Design

    In Colombia, a city called Manizales has made a commitment to entrepreneurship creating the “Manizales Más” project to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem that allows the city to strengthen the six different domains necessary to create and grow companies in a small size city of under half a million people. Government, academia, and companies have found a way to do co-creation and adjust diverse standpoints to contribute to a bigger vision, a commitment to development and cultural change, a movement that invites to believe, create and grow. In this adventure, every stakeholder as made an effort to put in the table all their abilities to help entrepreneurs. Different multidisciplinary committees were created to propose activities, conduct workshops, boot camps and living labs to improve products and create new businesses. “Manizales Más” shows how through empathy, market test, and several iterations to define the product, entrepreneurs can create and grow a company taking advantage of everything the stakeholders offer.

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