“When a School of Satellites is a School of Photography” presented by Infante


Session Title:

  • Training Methods for Transdisciplinary Collaboration Panel

Presentation Title:

  • When a School of Satellites is a School of Photography




  • Keywords: Space art, science and art, transdisciplinary, Ulises I, School of satellites, satellite technology

    In 2010, Díaz Infante founded the Mexican Space Collective, a group of people which objective was to build and launch a satellite piece of art. In the process of doing so, Díaz Infante realized that all the knowledge learned had to be transferred somehow to the Mexican society. He founded in 2014 a concept called “School of Satellites” ESATMX. A virtual school with many campi. Its slogan “too much technology, very little imagination”. This school’s objective is the building of nanosatellites as a learning experience. Each project is an art, cultural and educational project with no distinction at any moment. Díaz Infante is a photographer graduated from Brooks Institute in 1982, and he went through a relative revolutionary school, it had only one subject, photography: 1, photography 2, photography 3. And it only had 2 hours of lecture or crit a week. The School of Satellites was founded the following principle: it is not training is about understanding. We are overtrained on things we do not understand or we understand partially, Culture is a basic tool of converting already “trained” people into a transdisciplinary experience. Building nano satellites are a tool for teaching understanding a concept of mission.

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