“The Sagamine Satoyama Plan” presented by Ishii


Session Title:

  • Critical Perspectives on the Use of Technology for Peace

Presentation Title:

  • The Sagamine Satoyama Plan




  • Keywords: Agriculture, Natural Energy, Art, Music, The Internet, Local Festivals, Local(ity), Recycling-Oriented Society, Ecosystem.

    The Sagamine Satoyama Plan is an initiative underway in the Sagamine district of Nagakute City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This is a comprehensive undertaking, aiming at the preservation of the agriculture rooted in the natural environment of the area, the creation of a distinctive local culture and enhanced human interaction between local residents. The initiative is carried out on the understanding that the locality’s natural environment and agriculture form a single ecosystem, along with such elements as local festivals, the internet, and renewable energies.

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