“The Sangamine-Ecohouse” presented by Ishii


Session Title:

  • Spirit and Flesh (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • The Sangamine-Ecohouse




  • This is a comprehensive initiative that includes: the construction of a self-built house on the premises of Aichi University of the Arts in Nagakute City in Aichi Prefecture; the use of renewable energy with this house being the central point; the growing of vegetables on a natural farm; workshops where regional citizens get to have experiences with nature; the creation of an informational network for regional citizens; and the creation of festivals that allow for exchanges between regional citizens. In the 1960s, cyberculture arose from the counterculture movement, and the Internet and personal computers started to be developed. Even now, this has grown into smartphones, the Internet, and renewable energy. The abilities of individuals are being cybernetically expanded, and the networks have pushed the human spirit beyond the physical form. Also, the current era is moving towards the dream of coexistence that could not be accomplished by the counter culture in the 1960s. This project is creating connections between citizens in the same region by leveraging its self-sufficient spirit and using the power of music, art, and networks, and it is bringing back a traditional lifestyle that coexists with nature.

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