The Virtual Thematic Route Emil Benčić: From Experience to Infinity


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  • The Virtual Thematic Route Emil Benčić: From Experience to Infinity



  • Abstract (long paper)

    This project addresses the creation and implementation of new media activities regarding the importance of the artistic work of Croatian artist Emil Benčić (1930–2011). The problem/purpose is to ensure that knowledge about him survives the physical limitations of human life. The general mission is to encode his heritage permanently for present and future generations through new media methods and to preserve it in the new media space and be accessible and relevant to people. In the context of the research-oriented and practice-focused process, we investigated alternate digital heritage platforms and examples of good practices, we mastered available tools and technologies, and we realized creative solutions up to the public presentation stage. The result of the research is the multimedia project The virtual thematic route Emil Benčić ̶ From Experience to Infinity. In its current stage, the content is implemented in eight subprojects, designed on infinity shape (∞) and is virtually located on the Istrian peninsula Punta Busola (Croatia). The practical outcomes are databases, applications for mobile devices, video, cymatics, graphical sound, performance, installation, storytelling, and gamification.