Translating Disciplinary Practices for Trans-sentient Collaboration


Session Title:

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations for Better Understandings of Sentience

Presentation Title:

  • Translating Disciplinary Practices for Trans-sentient Collaboration



  • This paper is an inquiry about how the field of translation studies and translation-related issues could provide good practices for enabling successful transdisciplinary collaborations. The focus is on transdisciplinary practice and research, which bridge experts in very different disciplines that do not share success criteria, exact methodologies or dissemination methods. We argue that either disciplinary translators or collaborators with disciplinary translation skills will support better transdisciplinary outcomes. After reviewing literature and reflecting on diverse translation concepts and experiences, we developed 10 preliminary heuristics that collaborators from art and sciences can use to improve teamwork with transdisciplinary outcome goals. This paper is also an experiment in language and transdisciplinary translation and collaboration. The background of the authors includes design, astrophysics, education, and art.