Translational Spaces, Espacios de Translación


Presentation Title:

  • Translational Spaces, Espacios de Translación




  • The artist talk, Translational Spaces, by Santiago Tavera presents his latest creative-research on the construction of interactive and immersive digital architectural environments. The use of digital media presents the potential to simulate a state of disembodiment (elasticity, alteration, translation) for viewers and participants. Tavera investigates the potential of digital technologies to create virtual environments that alter our thresholds of perception. Tavera’s creative-research combines fictional and personal narratives of belonging and displacement to construct digital environments and virtual architectural sites. The research, Translational Spaces, recently resulted in the production of an artist book that includes written fictions and an interactive web-project. This work has recently been exhibited as an interactive website with lightboxes (Chromatic Festival, Montreal, 2016), as a live screening performance (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2015), as reading performances and a video interactive installation (Agence Topo, Montreal, 2016) and finally online (The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, 2015-2016). Tavera’s creative-research questions how through the mediation of digital media, experiences of virtual displacement parallels states of disembodiment experienced by migrant bodies. Immersive and interactive digital spaces have the potential of generating dialogues on cultural identification, social collaboration, and processes of conflict resolution, with the goal of creating illusions of a utopic future.