Transmedia Storytelling applied to Research and Dissemination


Presentation Title:

  • Transmedia Storytelling applied to Research and Dissemination




  • Over recent years, the way we produce, teach and research new media has dramatically changed. The interactive non-fiction narratives have transformed the processes of producing, distributing and showing documentaries, and especially the processes involved in how the viewer relates to the text. One of these new media forms of narrative expression is “interactive documentary”. As a new media object, interactive documentary challenges traditional methods of study and dissemination. An interactive documentary is a kind of documentary that empowers the viewers by allowing them to take decisions that affect the narrative. When there are different media formats and platforms involved, we are talking about a transmedia documentary. The design and production processes in the so called forms of new media documentary differ substantially from traditional audiovisual documentary production. This session will show a set of case studies in order to provide some guidelines that could be helpful for producers who want to design and implement an interactive or transmedia documentary. The second part of the workshop will focus on providing useful resources for producers in Colombia and abroad, such as production companies, multimedia studies, broadcasters and grants for new media production.