Session Title:

  • Patchwork Panel: Conceptualising Seams that Separate and Stitch Together

Presentation Title:

  • Untitled




  • Chair Per­sons: Åsa Ståhl & Kristina Lind­ström
    Pre­sen­ters: Melin Mar­gareta & Jo­hanna Rosen­qvist

    The panel will ex­plore how mean­ing is cre­ated through the process of ar­rang­ing and re-ar­rang­ing frag­ments; how mean­ing is cre­ated through patches and quilt­ing. Our pro­posed for­mat is a patch­work panel, i.e. a con­ver­sa­tion be­tween knowl­edge­able peo­ple through story patch­work quilt­ing. The pan­elists, and other in­vited guests, pre­pare ”text-patches” as notes or re­minders of what to say. These text-patches – in paper or tex­tile in A4 for­mat – can have im­ages, con­cepts, words writ­ten or stitched on them. The text-patches are put on the floor in front of the au­di­ence. The work­ings of the sem­i­nar is such that none of the pan­elists can as­sume to put down all of the patches in her own pre­ferred order as this patch­work sem­i­nar for­mat pre­sup­poses that any­one could con­tinue on the thread of thoughts put down on the floor, and thus cre­at­ing a new pat­tern. Also, the au­di­ence is in­vited in­ter­act and in­ter­vene by putting down its own text-patches on the floor.

    1. In­tro­duc­tion of the pan­elists.
    2. Lind­ström and Ståhl in­tro­duce the idea of the patch­work sem­i­nar and hand out A4-pa­pers to the au­di­ence.
    3. Lind­ström and Ståhl put down the first patch: to tell sto­ries of an SMS-em­broi­dery feuil­leton writ­ten in gallery Krets in 2009. SMS-em­broi­dery feuil­leton is a way of telling sto­ries to­gether in what we call an ed­i­to­r­ial sewing cir­cle.
    4. Melin sit­u­ates text-mes­sage em­broi­dery in the con­text of ed­i­to­r­ial boards, and refers media pro­duc­tion stud­ies.
    5. Rosen­qvist sit­u­ates the text-mes­sage em­broi­dery in the con­text of tra­di­tional sewing cir­cles with ref­er­ences to art-his­tory.
    6. The ac­tual patch-work sem­i­nar opens up with pan­elists and the au­di­ence putting down patches.
    7. At the end, the bunch of patches on the floor can be stitched/glued to­gether and kept as a doc­u­men­ta­tion of the patch­work sem­i­nar.
    8. The patches could be­come part of a fu­ture quilt.