“Videokaffe” presented by Demirjian


Session Title:

  • Creative Work and Well-Being - Emerging Platforms for Artist Interaction

Presentation Title:

  • Videokaffe




  • The third discussant is from the international media art and sculpture collective Videokaffe. This group uses the Loomio and Concept Board platforms to connect and facilitate communication between their members who reside in Finland, Germany, and the United States. Loomio is an online tool for asynchronous collaborative decision-making and Concept Board provides a visual online environment for collaborative project development. Videokaffe member, Andrew Demirjian, Assistant Professor at Hunter College in the Film and Media Department, will share anecdotal results showing how these platforms have enabled members of their collective to participate in preparing for exhibitions, discussing potential collaborative projects and assessing exhibitions. He will feature case studies of particular examples of the steps and decisions using Loomio and Concept Board.

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