“Xeno Walks, An Augmented Reality SoundWalk on Collective Feminism” presented by Gutiérrez


Session Title:

  • Art, Interactivity and Participation

Presentation Title:

  • Xeno Walks, An Augmented Reality SoundWalk on Collective Feminism




  • Xeno Walk is an Augmented Reality audio walk, featuring the voices and audio works by activists and sound producers who embrace the collage as a tool of aural exploration. The sound walk features the artworks of #VIVAS, a Latin America-based collective producing sound works from field recordings of social demonstrations and Viv Corringham’s Shadow Walks, Collages Féministes & Féminicides Paris and Montréal created from embodied experiences in the public space. The walk’s sound design takes the form of a collage mixing their soundtracks and their interviews. The listener can choose to experience this walk using headphones; however, this AR project is meant to be heard as a collective soundwalk with two or more persons. For the premiere of this project, the artist organized four aural participatory performances, inviting the public to amplify and occupy the streets with the interview’s voices and #VIVAS soundscapes.