Alain Thibault, Yan Breuleux: Faustechnology (ISEA’s Ten Year Celebration)

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    Faustechnology (ISEA’s Ten Year Celebration)

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Artist Statement:

    Concerts & Performances at  BATOFAR: Multimedia Performance. Part of ISEA’S Ten Year Celebration.

    ISEA2000 is the tenth ISEA symposium.
    The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts exists 10 years.
    Session in co-operation with The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.

    Since 1997, the duo Purform has been making live music videos, installations and performances. Their work is characterized by formal research into the perception of images and sound diffused using immersing projecting devices. FAUSTechnology is a music-video performance that lasts 90 minutes. In this new version, which is divided into two parts, there are a series of visual and musical micro variations which take place in a slow progression. The Faustian devil appears in the double form of entropy and seduction – entropy as a threat of disorder of matter and seduction as a promise of control embodied by the techniques of simulation. The visual and sound sources are entirely computer generated.

    ‘Man learns the reason for living from emblems, images and mirrors. Whoever holds the mirror holds man at his mercy’.
    Pierre Legendre The Fabric of Western Man

    Purform, Montreal, Canada