Brad Miller: A Digital Rhizome

  • ©, Brad Miller, A Digital Rhizome
  • ©, Brad Miller, A Digital Rhizome


    A Digital Rhizome

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Artist Statement:

    ‘A Digital Rhizome’ is an interactive CD ROM exposing a multiplicity of sites and plateaus. Comprising of a series of 43 navigable images immersed in a interlocking (queued) post-constructed media sound fields. ‘A Digital Rhizome’ takes its background from the theoretical writings of Deleuze and Guattari, in particular Mille Plateaux, volume 2 of Capitalisme et Schizophienie tracing the complex intermezzo of ideas and concepts that is the rhizomatic culture of becomings.

    The internal construction relies on hyper-card, integrating various command structures to call on a reservoir of QuickTime movies, graphics and sound. There are a myriad of fibers and filaments with which to read the various connections made by the act of navigating these conglomerations. There is no systemic hierarchy of connection, although islands may form within the rhizome. The perception of connectivity is initiated and intuitively sustained as an exercise in nano-scale pattern recognition.